Copier Paper

Our Copy Paper is the perfect choice for everyday copying. They are extremely reliable and produce excellent results on most toner-based office machines, including copiers, plain paper fax machines, ink jet, laser and multi-function printers. The users can expect jam-free performance and optimal imaging results from our copier paper. They are perfect for text-heavy documents and produce good results with both one and two-sided copying .Some of the applications of this paper include Drafts, E-mails, Memos, Photocopies and Faxes. We distribute imported as well as local copier brands. Available in 70gsm, 75gsm, and 80gsm.


Uncoated woodfree
Uncoated wood free papers are the largest printing and writing papers category in terms of capacity. This category of papers comprises almost all office papers and offset grades used for general commercial printing. The definition of "office papers" encompasses forms, envelopes, technical papers, stationary and they are essentially uncoated wood free papers. Uncoated papers mainly contain wood fibers obtained by a chemical pulping process. The end use of wood free uncoated papers are either roll or sheet-fed offset printing, or as printer or copier papers.

Sourced from some of the most reliable manufacturers and backed by our efficient distribution services, our uncoated wood free papers have created a loyal customer base for themselves.